Lost in the Ether

Lost in the Ether

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  1. The Theory of Everything

  2. Love in a Modern Age

  3. Lost in the Ether (Part I)

  4. Antipodes

  5. Up and Above

  6. Endlessly Recklessly

  7. The End of You and I

  8. Lost in the Ether (Part II)

  9. Our Purpose to Define


1.) Half speed mastered LP

2.) CD version of the album

3.) Collectors edition cassette tape (VERY LIMITED STOCK)

4.) X5 Concept art prints by Thomas Williams

5.) Signed photographs from both live and professional photoshoots

6.) Hand written letter and lyric of your choice by the band

7.) Become a member of ettdofficial.com with a lanyard (not pictured) giving you access to discounted and free goodies both digital and physical

All formats in stock now!

Vinyl version is a half speed mastered cut of the album from original 30 IPS master tape.

Cassette is in an edition of only 100 and includes an exclusive extended version of The End of You and I.

All physical items will be sent out via Royal Mail (within UK) and DHL (Worldwide)

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